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    I started my journey with  baseball, rather than softball. Saginaw South Little League was my home for many years. It started with T-ball and continued through 12u majors. I was a center fielder for many of those years. I even earned a spot on the all star team at age eleven. During my last season as a baseball player, my coach spoke with my parents about pushing me to play softball. I reluctantly signed up for a rec team that summer.  I quickly found a passion for softball and never looked back.

    That fall I tried out for a travel team and became a 12u Saginaw Gold. I started with them as an outfielder. Later that season my team needed some help behind the plate. So I volunteered. I quickly started lessons to learn some of the basics of catching. I ended up catching for many games the rest of that season. 

    I aged out of 12u while most of my team didn’t. I went back to tryouts and got a spot on a 14u team. I was still a Saginaw Gold, but with an older group of girls. I played a lot in left and right field but eventually started training at shortstop. I played with this team for a few years.

    Now came freshman year high school tryouts. I made the team! I became a Varsity Saginaw Heritage Hawk softball player. I started as an outfielder. Eventually making my way infield to 3rd base. My new primary position with my school team.

    After freshman season, I played my last summer with the golds. I loved my teammates, but wanted to compete at a higher level. I went to some tryouts. This time I accepted a spot with a different organization. That’s when I became a 16u Mid Michigan Bolt. I was a young player on that team and had to work really hard for playing time. I mostly played 2nd base and right field that summer.

    Half my Bolts team were moving up to 18u and several others quit softball after that season. So again I went to some tryouts. This time finding my home with a 16u Turnin2 team. We played an extensive fall season of six tournaments throughout the Midwest region. I’m now officially  a third baseman and right fielder on my travel team.

I can’t wait for the 2023 season with both of my teams!

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